isle of grain

  •  A library Shot

    A library Shot

  •  A lower tide

    A lower tide

  •  A Ramos Welcome

    A Ramos Welcome

  •  Alive alive 'o

    Alive alive 'o

  •  Beware


  •  Bronze


  •  Chez Ramos

    Chez Ramos

  •  Community Centre

    Community Centre

  •  Far out at Low Tide

    Far out at Low Tide

  •  Fear


  •  Forever Friends

    Forever Friends

  •  Galazy Ace

    Galazy Ace

  •  Granduca


  •  Hopw


  •  In memorium

    In memorium

  •  St MAry's

    St MAry's

  •  It's behind you

    It's behind you

  •  Lest we forget

    Lest we forget

  •  Lizard Point

    Lizard Point

  •  Power play

    Power play

  •  Pride


  •  Quel délice

    Quel délice

  •  Ramos Delights

    Ramos Delights

  •  Ramos Terrace

    Ramos Terrace

  •  reading the signs

    reading the signs

  •  Rearing to go

    Rearing to go

  •  RIP


  •  Silver Water

    Silver Water

  •  Sun tower

    Sun tower

  •  The Concrete Jungle

    The Concrete Jungle

  •  The three amigos

    The three amigos

  •  Towards Sheppy

    Towards Sheppy

  •  Towards the estuary

    Towards the estuary

  •  Towers of power

    Towers of power

  •  Watch Tower

    Watch Tower

  •  Welfare


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The offbeat, kiss-me-quick atmosphere of the East Anglian and Kent seaside and coast fascinates photographer, Trevor Clapp and watercolorist, Tim Baynes. This website records some of their trips to these extraordinary places.